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"Written/Directed By Andy Harrison" - 2012


"Written/Directed By Peter Silk" - 2011.


"Written/Directed By Peter Silk" - 2011

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Its Andy Time...With The 2013 Update

Have you ever woken up one day and wanted to be someone else? I warn you now; you may want to really consider your answer.

‘Hello, My Name is Simon’ is one of our latest films following the life of Simon, a young man who wakes up each day with a different personality. Through these ever-revolving personas Simon struggles to find himself both emotionally and sexually while the only constant in his life remains the girl he rides the bus with each day, Louise.

Written and directed by our very own Andy Harrison the film has had a successful festival run so far finding itself nominated for a Royal Television Society award and the winner of;
* ‘Best Fiction’ - Create 12
* ‘Audience Choice’ - Northern Nights London Festival
* ‘Best Short’ - Teesside Short Film Festival

We’re truly thankful for all of the support, votes and awards the film has received. However, the real joy for us has simply been the feedback. Experiencing an audience enjoying all of that hard work really is the most rewarding part of film making and one that we hope to share with you soon.

We’ll be looking at film festivals to come this year before eventually releasing the film online. You can check out the trailer now (linked below) and if you enjoy it we hope to see you soon! Also here's my new show-reel!

‘Hello, My Name is Simon’ Trailer

- Andy.

This really is an Andy post - just going to interrupt though with a near end of 2013 update. This year has involved a filming of weddings (promo footage to be uploaded soon), and some big narrative pieces moving through the pre-production stages (will update on those as we can). All the 2013 show-reels are on the way so lets start with Andy's (see above).

- Pete.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2013...Just wait a week. Please?

Hi Guys,

2012 was a big transitional year for us, moving from University into the real world and more importantly being here now. As my fingers tap my keyboard in a well memorized fashion, Lee Charnley is at a development talk with Channel 4 and I'm using a spell-checker, just in case, but anyway...Lee wins. 

But the truth is we still have a few things to finish from 2012 before I really want to talk about 2013. The site being the most visible with a few dead links and Simon/Showreels/C.V's not all up to date for example. Give us a week and we will be here for real.